Google Search Console fixed a bug with Google Tag Manager verification –

As many of you know, there are numerous ways to verify your site or property within Google Search Console. One of those methods is via Google Tag Manager. Google has confirmed it fixed an issue with the Google Tag Manager method of verification.

Reverify. Google said you may need to reverify your site or property in Search Console if you were using the Google Tag Manager method. The issue “should be solved by now” and reverifying should work.

Verification. There are many other ways to verify your site in Search Console, as described here. These include:

  • HTML file upload
  • HTML tag
  • DNS record
  • Google Analytics tracking code
  • Google Tag Manager container snippet
  • Google Sites
  • Blogger
  • Google Domains

Why we care. If you used Google Tag Manager for verification in Search Console, we suggest you double check those properties in Search Console to ensure the properties are still verified. If the properties are not verified, use one of the several methods to verify the property again.



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