New challenges ahead for attribution with the rise of intelligent tracking prevention –

Contributor and SMX speaker, Simon Poulton, is focusing on intelligent tracking prevention (ITP) in 2020 because he believes Safari is going to present the biggest obstacle facing digital marketers from a measurable point of view in the year ahead.

Below is the video transcript:

Hey, I’m Simon Poulton. I am the vice president of Digital Intelligence at WPromote, and today I’m gonna talk about some of my thoughts about 2020 and the road ahead.

I think one of the biggest trends that we’ve seen in 2019 is actually the increased focus on user privacy. Obviously, we’ve seen lots of technology, but we’re also seeing some legislation around this space. Particular things like CCPA, we know that’s going to come in very early.

But I think the biggest thing facing digital marketers from a measurable point of view is the way intelligent tracking prevention. ITP is going to impact the way that we can handle attribution. And the way that we think about just the ability to measure across Safari.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal to a lot of folks, but we think that we’re going to see about 30 to 40% of data being lost for Safari users in the future, which is going make it really hard as we think about the future of, you know, should this be in these platforms. Where do we go from here? It’s a very hard decision to make for a lot of marketers.

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