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RendezVIEW™ Streaming Platform ~ Empowering Virtual/Hybrid Events

Are you looking for a high-level solution to help you plan your online event, broadcast, sporting event, series, stream, commercial, or product launch? Do you want your business event, broadcast, corporate event, product launch, or presentation to have the biggest impact possible? Do you wish to take advantage of the online world's visual possibilities and marketing capabilities as well? RendezVIEW™ solves these problems with a platform as a service model enabling Broadcast quality video, effects and audio without costly servers stages or complex software.

Finally, an online event technology that changes “NOT ANOTHER ZOOM MEETING!” into “I’m Zooming to my meeting!”

Online events with the ‘old-fashioned’ vibe of live events. In today’s post covid era, virtual events have become the new standard. Say goodbye to the “not another zoom meeting!” reaction. Our virtual events are the kind  your target audiences wants to experience.. As a result, our platforms and products instantly restore people’s memories of offline events. We also take you to the next level with bespoke services and software that we develop in-house. Your audience will be captivated by a webinar, product launch, presentation, or online course. Viewers are actively involved in a conference, seminar, summit, kick-off, theme day, or session. A better solution is a curated one.

In a nutshell, it’s an online event that transforms viewers into active, visible participants.

There now, feel better? Call us, it gets easier.

RendezVIEW puts the virtue in virtual and the difference is worth watching.

With RendezVIEW from Appture Digital, you have complete control over your production environment for events, conventions, trade shows, conferences, theater and education using Virtual Production. The unreal comes to life with 4k multi-camera production, multi-track audio, live switching, remote guest video and virtual audiences.

We combine physical objects with camera motion in virtual space. Real-time rendering brings it all together. The program is recorded as it happens both as a live video mix and as individual video tracks, titles, effects and audio tracks for each channel. This enables both the archiving of content as a mixed production, but also as a project file that can be re-mixed or enhanced at any time.

Pursue your most ambitious ideas in any resolution.

Ideas that were previously unthinkable, impossible, or out of reach are both possible and affordable.

Beautifully Optimized for Mobile & Tablets.

There’s nothing worse than a slow loading coupon. Users hate it and they never come back. We optimize for everything on every platform and carrier. Fast loading means faster conversion and more results.

Tiny Screens, Big Difference

This year, mobile devices account for 1 of every 4 retail dollars. 95% of user look up information from the phones.

Get Engaged. No Ring Required.

Engaged users stay as customers up to 70% longer with mobile email and push notifications.

Designed for Mobile, Designed To Sell

Mobile-optimized templates and drag-and-drop editor make it easy to create, customize, and send emails, no coding required

GEO Targeting, Bigger Impact

You won't go to a restaurant that's not nearby, and shoppers are the same. Use our tools to target them.

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It’s All Included.

There are no details to sweat. No gear to setup. No “I think this will work”. It’s all here, all pro gear and ready all the time.

Streaming Video

Broadcast your event live over the internet in real-time. Live content gets 27% more watch time than video on demand.

4k, 6k, 8k You OK?

Nothing says amateur like a bad photograph. Our pro gear helps you promote the best version of yourself and your products.

Broadcast HD Audio

High-quality sound and production turn so-so into spectacular. Make your voice and music tracks really sing.

Post Production AND Live Production

Recording and shooting are only the beginning. Editing, correction, effects, and design elevate your performance to pro level.

On Location, In Studio, or On Stage

Yes, the Pandemic changed everything. In Fact, it has been a disruptor in dozens of industries. Hospitality, trade shows, business training, job fairs, product demonstrations all can live on line. It’s our passion and our platform that is the key differentiator for video providers.

Virtual Events

Attendees are only a click away with virtual events. Pre-record or stream live from a virtual set that’s branded for your company.

Investor Relations

Investors expect to work with A-players. Up your game, up the ante with a polished, professional presentation portfolio video and stream.

Virtual & Hybrid Trade Shows

Ditch the cost, hassle, and limitations of an 8-foot booth. Connect worldwide to promote and sell your products and services.

Broadcast Trained. Network Polish.

As a former Executive Producer for Fox News in Florida, I know what it takes to be in front of the camera as well as behind it.

Supercharged Events

That Deliver Results.

Immersive, participatory and intuitive come to mind when describing a RendezVIEW event. With a broadcast TV level production, enhanced engagement capabilities and contextual content distribution, virtual events may be delivered the way attendees want. Engage your audience rather than talking at them. Use native chat, moderated Q&A, polling, participation and video sharing to empower your attendees to  interact with your brand, sponsors, and other attendees.


End-to-End Event Management

Easy to use virtual event templates and stages provided, or upload your own designs, or let us create custom stages and virtual event sets for your brand.

Continuous Engagement

Produce highly interactive events that encourage ongoing interaction before, during, and after your events, regardless of how your audience arrives.

Better Results, Better Use of Budgets

Improve event ROI by leveraging analytics, monetization, and lead generation capabilities. You may also count on our team to assist you in making your event a success.


25 Years of Production Experience.

All Focused On Your Needs.

We have years of international film, television, and media production experience and knowledge. Our crew is also up to date on the most recent advancements. This translates to competent assistance on all fronts for you. Professionals and project managers are on standby to assist you. On both a technical and an artistic level. We’ll look at all the options together and advise you on the best equipment to use. No matter how high your expectations are, we focus our thinking on what you require.

Tiny Screens, Big Difference

We deliver content across platforms, to be sure, but we also can import video from mobile devices to appear as guests on our virtual stages.

Get Engaged. No Ring Required.

Higher resolution means better quality content, but with RendezVIEW there's no additional hardward or software required.

Pick an Event

Marketplace events are searchable by experience type, budget, lead time and number of attendees to perfectly match your event goals. Custom and on-demand events available at your finger tips.

Setup & Send

Custom and personalized emails and landing pages that include the streaming link of your choice. One-click sending for all things included in your event package, including calendar invites, reminder emails, address collection, and shipping notifications.

Run The Event

Everything is setup and managed for you so all you need to do is login and participate. Enjoy a stress-free experience where the agenda is handled by the Postal Experiences Team to ensure you deliver a memorable event for all attendees.