Video: A.J. Ghergich on not chasing the Google algorithm and focusing on human intentions –

I stopped by the Brado offices right near Busch Stadium in St. Louis to sit down with the man who has the @SEO Twitter handle, A.J. Ghergich. The conversation was one of the more thought provoking conversations I had with an SEO in a while.

In this interview, we talked about a number of things from how to scale your SEO agency to understanding human intent. He sold his company and is now the CTO at Brado, so he went from about 20 employees to 170+ employees. We discussed the challenges of scaling an agency through a merger.

We then got into SEO and spoke about why it is important to not chase the Google algorithm. Instead, think about where the algorithm will be in the future and go there. A lot of this he said can be attained through understanding human intent and optimizing for what humans are looking for.

Here is the interview:

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